TK – Konya Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu

Provincial Direction of National Education of Konya

The Konya Provincial Direction of National Education (Konya İL MEM) is a state agency responsible for planning and coordinating all kinds of education and training activities in pre-school, primary, secondary and secondary education. adult education in Konya Province.

Konya Province has a total of 31 districts with 1703 schools, 475366 students and 24614 teachers. Konya İl MEM is a type of umbrella organization for all of these institutions. We are a big family.


The image of Konya İl “MEM” is to be an eminent, qualified institution that has reached the level to compete with equivalent institutions in Turkey and modern countries, ensuring genuine contribution to the development of the Turkish national education system in Turkey. providing the effective use of the knowledge, skills, value and technology needed in the knowledge age.


The mission of Konya İl “MEM” is to ensure that the efficiency and productivity of associated institutions and pleasant working conditions for employees and services are stimulated; to develop educational-teaching processes by following modern and advanced innovations, carrying out research; to improve and implement laws and other regulations through the general objectives and fundamental principles of the National Education System in Konya Province. We offer a variety of continuing education courses for our staff, students, unemployed youth to improve the quality of education in our city and provide students with training by faculty who are innovators and adepts of teaching methods formal, informal and non-formal modern and closely follow them. We solve problems in education / education with the Konya Municipality, the Provincial Social Services Branch and the Provincial Health Directorate, the Youth Directorate and Sport and other local institutions. As educators we believe that it is crucial to offer new opportunities for younger generations to create a better world.

At the Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education, there is a “European Union Projects Office”. This office coordinates EU projects in Konya province. Our management has carried out 45 LLP projects since 2005 and we are continuing with new Erasmus + projects. This year we realized four new projects as coordinator and partner.