IT – Universita Pegli Studi della Basilicata

University of Basilicate

The University of Basilicata is a public university, organized into 4 departments

Department of European cultures and the Mediterranean,
Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics,
Department of Science,
Department of Human Sciences), two graduate schools (School of Engineering and School of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, Food and Environment).
The Bachelor and Master 1 and 2 programs are supplemented by doctoral programs (Applied Biology and Environmental Protection Measures, Cities and Landscapes: Architecture, Archeology, Cultural Heritage, History and Resources, Innovation and Sustainable Development Engineering; Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science and Technology, History, Culture and Knowledge of Mediterranean Europe from Antiquity to Contemporary Times).

In addition, the launch of a new Master 2 in Geography and Anthropology is planned for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The University also offers a Master’s degree for teacher training at the primary school, a specialization school in archeology and 14 specialized masters who complete the university courses.

Neurolinguistic training is provided by the activities of the Language Center for Learning Foreign Languages ​​and Italian L2.